~ Location Scout
~ Photo Timeline
~ Six Hours of Digital Coverage Combined with Fine Art Film Photography
~ Second Shooter/ Assistant
~ Private Web Gallery
~ 400+ Digitized Photos Colorized for Optimal Viewing
~ Simple Wedding Album



~ A Glass of Champagne
~ Hair & Make-Up Design
~ Styling and Expert Posing Guidance
~ Fine Art Book



~ One Hour & A Half of Fine Art Film Photography and Digital Coverage
~ Private Web Gallery
~ $50 Print Credit



~ 45 minutes of Digital Photography



How do you approach wedding photography?

Prior your wedding day, we will meet to discuss the timeline of events. Additionally, I'll make a family portrait list for photography after (or before) the ceremony. If your grandparents attend your wedding day, I will certainly photograph them. Important artifacts such as your "something old, new & blue" will not be forgotten amongst all the important candid moments throughout your big day.

A timeline to be reviewed and confirmed by the bride & groom will be delivered 30 days prior the big day.

Please note, it's not unsual for weddings to be off the timeline. In this case, I am an expert improvisor in getting the job done. You're in good hands.

What is a boudoir photoshoot?

A boudoir shoot is similar to a fashion shoot in the sense that there is Hollywood like professionals "on set." A make-up artist will be present to assist you with your hair and make-up design. As the photographer, I help stylize the photoshoot prior your visit.
On the day of the shoot, I'll assist with poising every details from fingers to toes. Even though boudoir shoots are like a fashion shoots because of the lights and glamour, I very much take the pace of a portrait shoot.

Typically the boudoir book is a gift for your husband or fiance but more and more woman are doing photoshoots for themselves. It's nice to be empowered by an image of yourself instead of a commercialized image of another women. Sometimes Boudoir shoots are meant to photograph your alter ego. The fierce fiery woman that remains dormant within your soul -you never know, a boudoir shoot just may help awaken or release that gentle giant within.

If I had to define the boudoir shoot experience in one word...I'd say, FUN.
Some of my most memorable photoshoots have been outdoors. I love working with natural lighting and multiple backdrops the great outdoors has to offer.

Have no idea where to start conceptualizing a photoshoot? Give me a call and I can help guide you with some starter ideas. Talk to you soon!

How Do you approach elopements?

Elopements or intimate weddings with guest and party size no more than 12 are photographed with myself as the only photographer. These small events do not require a photographer's assistant nor a second photographer.

Getting married inside the Santa Barbara Courthouse (my favorite location): First, I like to begin inside the clerk's office and snap a few candid moments while you and your fiance get your marriage license prepared. Then, I photograph the short & sweet nuptials. Lastly, I'll photograph you two in some of my favorite locations within the Santa Barbara Courthouse facilities.

When will we get our photos?

Your will receive an online gallery link with all your photos within 6 weeks* (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph). From the gallery, you can download the photos, choose your favorites and order prints.

*Elopement photographs will be delivered in three weeks or less.

How many pictures will we receive?

For a six hour event you'll receive around 400 images that will be enhanced for the best optimal experience.