The MAKING of a photographer

Hi, my name is Barbara A. Runcie, I first fell in love with the art of photography in Jr. High while developing prints inside my school's darkroom. Little did I know, the technological advancement of processing my own film and developing my own prints could be so awe-inspiring. It was chemistry at its finest, and when I'd dip my paper in the developer, stop bath, and fix, the world stopped inside the darkroom. The baths unveiled captured photos I had taken days or weeks prior. I was eager to learn how light or the lack of can translate to so many different shades and tones on print. My wonder quickly spun into a passion for taking stills and fourteen years later I would be graduating from the world Renowned, Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, CA with a Bachelor's of Arts Degree in Professional Photography.

Fast forward to 2024, technology has eclipsed the art of delayed gratification.

The readiness of the digital photo technology, smart phones and social media, has in my opinion, speed up time. Photos depict people's persona and not the natural moment. Photographers and subjects are thinking of the future's perceived image instead of slowing down and living in the present.

There is a fine balance of creating and capturing images. We want to see ourselves in the best possible light (pun fully intended) but at the same time, we want to know who we are in the moments when we are not thinking of our image. That is why I really enjoy photographing people the best. My favorite work is engaging with individuals. Snapping candids is a natural ability and blending that with my technical and portraiture skills is what has made Barbara Alessandra Photography what it is today.

Some Fun Facts: I'm a mother to two extraordinary humans, 15 & 13. I race Melges 24s. I surf long boards on really small waves. I wish to learn celestial navigation. I love Jesus with all my heart.

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Miki & WES

“Barbara shot my wedding in Santa Barbara and the photos are A-maaaaazing!!! She rocked it and truly captured the fullness of all the emotion that day. As my husband and I look at our wedding pictures, it transports us right back into the sweet moments we will cherish forever. Furthermore, Barb is a joy to work with! The kindest, most down to earth woman who is passionate about life and love and capturing it on film! She has studied and mastered her craft and has a true talent and skill for photography.”

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