Glen Annie Golf Club Christian Wedding

Glen Annie Golf Club offered a wide open naturally inspired landscape for this beautiful intimate event.  The bride and groom wanted to feel the presence of God at their wedding and incorporated a wooden cross that set the tone for their Christian ceremony.  The cross was a humbling reminder that just like in marriage we surrender ourselves not only to our partner but also to God.  The sweet added Gospel singing Set A Fire during the ceremony reminded both believers and non-believers that ‘we want more’ of the power of LOVE.  The unforgettable nuptials celebration continued on the Glenn Annie Golf Clubs patio and guests danced the night away inside the club house.

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Casey, the coordinator from Glen Annie, was a very kind and sweet soul who truly enjoyed being the best hospitable venue host.

Shauna Timmons of Algeria by Design lived up to her company’s name (Algeria translates to Joy) and made the couple very joyful on their wedding day by coordinating a smooth and gorgeously adorned event.

The events success could not have been captured without the contribution of these fine Santa Barbara vendors:


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