Museum of Ventura County Wedding

Barbara Alessandra Wedding Photography

  I have been photographing weddings since 2001 in many beautiful locations. From the amazing beaches of Santa Barbara and Cabo San Lucas to the lush Sonoma Valley and busy San Diego. My absolute favorite place that I prefer to shoot weddings, is in my very own hometown of Ventura, California. Ventura County includes wedding venues in the cities of Ojai, Camarillo, Fillmore, Somis and many more! Ventura has so much to offer from mountain landscapes, sunny beaches, and unique downtown areas with some eclectic & beautiful architecture like the Historical Arcade in Ojai or at the more modern and recently remodeled, Museum of Ventura County.


The museum offers a lot of great diverse backdrops. I’ve photographed a wedding at the Museum of Ventura County before, but this recent wedding was special because I photographed both their wedding ceremony and reception party there.  Privacy for the ceremony was created by draping fabric over the fence along the perimeter of the outdoor plaza, which created a beautiful backdrop.  The reception hall has some great drapery and lighting as well, and they have a huge video screen to run a nostalgic slideshow for the wedding guests.  There are some beautiful examples of tile art along the wall that represent the history of California, including the indigenous tribes that lived in the Channel Islands, and its current agriculture landscape.


My favorite backdrops to photograph though, were the front and back entrances of the museum.  The front entrance has a cobblestone wall with some very picturesque succulent plants in the foreground. I’d say my style is pretty minimalistic and I like to capture the moments as they come and I often use a shallow depth of field to put the focus on what’s important, especially for my portrait photos. Another favorite vantage point for me to shoot is the back entrance, right in front of a particularly neat corner of the building. Its white-beige walls have a contemporary feel and it is a great place to photograph the Groom and Groomsmen. Please enjoy these lovely wedding photos on location at the Museum of Ventura County, they are of a local couple from my most favorite town to photograph a wedding in: Ventura, California!