My Mad Men Model {Ventura Boudoir}

I was totally blown away by how close my model looks like the girl from Mad Men. I mean really, I felt like I was sent back in time and I kept waiting for Don Draper to walk into the studio with a cigarette in his mouth. She was so humble about her beauty that it really magnified it even more. As she was getting her hair and makeup done, I learned a few things about her, one she enjoys reading and writing so much that she made a career out of it. I thought bringing her into my neighbor Nash Rightmer’s art studio would be a perfect way to begin the shoot. Eclectic antiques fill the nooks and crannies of his studio along with his AMAZING mix media art. He has some pretty interesting items along with a type writer and some books from a time long ago. Of course my model spotted out all the books and noticed one from Ayn Rand a female writer known for her philosophical non-fiction works.   I really appreciate how the familiarity of the books made her feel comfortable thus making for some really astonishing images. As always, I tell all my models to bring a piece of wardrobe that is iconic to them. For me its my hats, gotta have em all the time. For her, it was this REAL leather riders jacket. Wouldn’t you know, this gentle soul is fearless and enjoys some bike rides with her hubby. I can only imagine what kind of fearless writings she will be known for on top of her looking like hot spicy celebrities! Lets book a shoot, you and I, click here for the first step!