Santa Margarita Ranch Part 1 {San Luis Obispo Boudoir}

This shoot is so awesome it requires two posts to showcase the best photos. This young mother of two called me up to shoot here in Ventura but then she realized I travel for photo shoots so me my crew drove to her place near San Luis Obispo to do the shoot. She had a great wardrobe selection and if we had two days to shoot then I could have shot all of it! After this shoot, I decided that I LOVE body-suits! She had several she bought from Forever 21 (and I can’t wait to run to the mall to pick some up.) You will be able to see our favorite (bodysuit) pick in Part II so stick around. This momma had a wide selection of wardrobe but not as many accessories to match so I took a peak at her jewelery box in her room and came across a REAL DIAMOND NECKLACE. Ya, that’s right, her man bought this beauty queen a gorgeous diamond necklace and I got to try it on. We were laughing about it because my model said, “I never have an occasion to wear it, so I still haven’t worn it.” I quickly replied and said, “shoot, I’d wear that necklace to the coffee shop!.” Before we left the house I noticed a child size Teddy Bear in the closet. I asked about it and she mentioned her hubby bought it for her to keep her company when he is away for work. I instantly thought to myself, this bear is coming along to the shoot with us. You will see he was the star of our shoot for a few shots and it was SO much fun using him for a prop. These last minute props are sometimes what MAKES THE SHOOT. It was insanely fun working with my team, we had our Bose boom box pumping music in the background the entire time. Just in case you were wondering, the shoot was done at the amazing and historical Santa Margarita Ranch. If you too would like to do a shoot at this location, please contact me and lets chat! Enjoy the photos and be sure to be back for Part II. Here is a link to a wedding I photographed at the same location.