Curvy Revolution {Ventura Boudoir}

I recently had the opportunity to work with an amazing woman who, at first was very hesitant to schedule a boudoir session. After her shoot was complete and she saw her images, she had this to say.. “Women in all forms should be celebrated! No one should try to live up to what someone else looks like. Every BODY is special.” “Thank you for helping me see how pretty/good I can look”… Pretty or Good is a HUGE understatement. She looks breathtakingly beautiful… she also looks just as gorgeous without an ounce of make-up on.
“I think it was probably the best experience ever!” … “For someone so self-conscious and really basically ashamed of my body.. you really made me feel beautiful and really comfortable.” She continued… “I’m proud of how I look for the 1st time in a long time.” I almost cried when I read this and it made me feel so happy and honored to have helped her recognize how beautiful she really is. It’s interesting how photography can have this impact on women but what I have come to realize is – that its not just the photography itself but the artist/photographer taking the shots. The model has to feel carefree in such a vulnerable and intimate environment. Somehow with my photography and her new-found confidence, we unleashed her inner goddess from the dungeon to claim her rightful existence as a gorgeous woman! Our photo-shoot went really well considering her insecurities and inhibitions about following through with her dream of creating these images. She will now have these beautiful treasures forever to remind her of how amazing and unique she truly is.