Iranian Multi-Cultural Santa Barbara Wedding

Catherine and Pedram had the wedding of the century at Santa Barbara’s Doubletree. Pedram comes from an Iranian background and Catherine comes from an American Indian background and it was so awesome to see both families celebrate their union.  The ceremony was like a pow-wow something that I have never seen before in all my ten years plus of shooting weddings. First of all, instead of the grooms walking in one-by-one and the mom walking down with Pedram they danced their way down the aisle. The moments were priceless and really set the mood for the entire wedding day. The ceremony was very special and adorned with many symbolic treats.  I could have spent all day photographing the traditional Iranian ceremonial decor!  Another big difference in this event was that there was no bridesmaid just six very handsome groomsmen. Catherine had her brothers stand next to her instead.  I feel so very fortunate to have photographed this jaw dropping beautiful wedding.  Thank you Catherine and Pedram and your family for having me at your wedding! It was an honor to be there and document the day.